Start a new career now in Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Assisting or Massage Therapy (programs offerings vary by campus)
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Professional Clinical Massage Therapy
The Professional Clinical Massage Therapy program provides instruction in therapeutic massage with advanced training in the treatment of soft tissue ailments, postural distortions, and degenerative process of the body. The program prepares students for employment in medical based facilties such as physicians' officess and rehabilitation centers, while also training students in the arts associated with a spa setting. Students receive training in massage law, basic massage theory techniques, allied modalities, and neuromuscular clinical massage theory techniques. The program includes 90 hours of practical clinical experience. Upon successful completion of this program, the student will receive a Certificate in Professional Clinical Massage Therapy. **Charlotte has 100 hours of clinical and is only a 8 month program. Columbia, Charleston, and Nashville have 90 hours of clinical and are an 8 month program. Choose a campus for more information

Medical Assisting
Medical Assisting prepares you for a career that plays an integral role on the physician’s healthcare team. You will train to give injections, administer electrocardiograms, handle insurance claims, maintain patient records, take vital signs, and assist in minor surgical procedures.  Your education at Southeastern Institute will teach you how to fulfill all these roles and become a multifaceted healthcare professional. Choose a campus for more information

Medical Records and Health Information Technician
This program is intended for those who wish to gain employment in medical records and health information management in either the public or private sector, including positions in the offices of private physicians, hospitals, and medical centers. Students will develop a thorough knowledge of medical terminology, health records management, insurance procedures and billing software, medical coding, as well as skills in business communications and office administration that are vital for success in this growing field. A diploma will be awarded upon successful completion of this program. Choose a campus for more information

Pharmacy Technology
The Pharmacy Technology program provides instruction in how to assist the pharmacist in the packing and distribution of medication and basic health care skills. Students will study the professional and technical skills necessary for an entry-level position as a pharmacy technician. A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of this program. Choose a campus for more information

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Programs vary by campus.