2002 Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act (CSCPA)

The federal 2002 Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act requires colleges and universities to issue a statement advising the campus community where state law enforcement agency information concerning registered sex offenders/predators may be obtained. Registered sex offenders are also required to notify appropriate state officials of each institution of higher education at which the offender is employed or is a student.

Information regarding sexual offender/predators can be found in the following locations:

The South Carolina  Department of Law Enforcement – Sexual Offenders and Predators

Information on sexual offenders and Predators can be obtained by contacting The South Carolina Department of Law Enforcement, Sexual Offender & Predator Unit, P. O. Box 21398, Columbia, S.C. 29221 and on the web at http://services.sled.sc.gov/sor

The North Carolina Department of justice- Sexual Offender registry

Information on Sexual offenders and predators can be obtained by contacting the North Carolina department of justice, law enforcement liaison PO Box 629 Raleigh NC, zip 27602- 0629 and on the web at http://sexoffender.ncdoj.gov/search.aspx