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Admission Procedures

With our career training programs, we work with students who are determined to get the training and skills they need to start working toward a career. Think you are ready to take the first step toward a bright new future? Learn more about our admissions process and get started today.


The admission policies of Southeastern Institute (SEI) were created so that our students all have a reasonable expectation of finishing their chosen program successfully. All entrance requirements have been developed by the administration along with the faculty.

For those students looking to attend our career training school, enrollment should be completed in a timely manner. The admissions process needs to be done well in advance of the student’s desired start date to allow for proper scheduling and ensure that the applicant has a space for their chosen term.

To make sure you have completed all of the necessary requirements to enter your program of choice, every applicant is encouraged to work with an Admissions Coordinator. They will work with you to help determine if you qualify for our school as well as help you gather the necessary paperwork. To be considered for enrollment at Southeastern Institute, all applicants must supply:

  • A high school transcript or diploma that verifies graduation and the date of graduation.


  • GED completion verification (GED scores or GED diploma)


  • For foreign students, we require proof of graduation from a foreign institution that is comparable to a United States secondary school. These documents need to be submitted in English to our admissions office, and official records must be evaluated by a school-approved educational evaluator service attesting that completion is equivalent to a secondary school completed in the United States.


  • For those students who were homeschooled, we require the proper state credentials to show completion.

If a student does not have proper documentation of graduation from high school or a G.E.D program, they must submit an official copy of their high school transcript or (G.E.D.)  It is the responsibility of the applicant to arrange for the school or issuing agency to send the required credentials directly to the admissions office.

Admissions Entrance Exam

Applying students should provide their Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Testing examination (ACT) scores. At Southeastern Institute, we require a combined score of 1230 on the SAT (or 830 on the previously used SAT examination) or a composite score of 17 on the ACT. For those applicants who do not have these scores ready, he/she must make arrangements to take our entrance examination. This exam will be administered at our SEI campuses in North and South Carolina.

We also reserve the right to accept up to 10% of applicants who do not meet appropriate entrance test scores, but who request admission based on other criteria. Along with a current resume, the student must submit a typed appeal letter that explains why he/she is a good fit for the program in a minimum of 150 words. The letter will be reviewed by the Dean of Academic Affairs as well as the Campus President. If the letter is deemed acceptable, the applicant will also interview with one or both staff members. If the appeal is approved, an acceptance rubric is placed in the applicant’s academic file.

Students who are accepted can look into our financial aid options that are available for those who qualify.