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Southeastern Institute Financial Aid

At Southeastern Institute, we understand that paying for school can be troublesome for some students. Although our career training programs can be your first step toward finding a new and promising career that can help you become more financially stable in the future, getting there can be expensive. For those students looking to fund their studies, financial aid may be a good option. There are many different types of financial aid out there, and you will have to determine what is best for you.

SEI Financial Services Department

At our Financial Services Department at Southeastern Institute, our objective is to help students who qualify find the means to pay for their schooling because we know how important this education can be for your future. We provide assistance to students who need financial aid in order to pay for tuition expenses at our institution. To do so fairly, our Financial Services Department has established procedures for the consistent treatment of all applicants.

At Southeastern Institute, we use the “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” to document and collect information to determine the student’s eligibility for financial aid. The information that the student reports on the application is confidential. Applications may be obtained at

Our career colleges in North and South Carolina maintain a full-time Financial Services Administrator at the campus to help meet our students’ needs. Students are encouraged to make appointments with the Financial Services Administrator to ensure that they obtain the necessary funding for their educational investment.

Southeastern Institute has been deemed an eligible institution by the United States Department of Education to participate in Federal Financial Aid programs. Unfortunately, not everyone will qualify for financial aid, but students still looking for more financing can always look into outside private loans.

Click here to view the Institutional Student Loan Code of Conduct

Cost of Attendance

The exact cost of your schooling will depend on a variety of factors including which campus you choose to attend and what program you are interested in. Each educational program also comes with its own expenses related to supplies and books necessary for the courses.

If you are looking to attend our SEI Charleston Campus, you probably want to know exactly how much you will need to pay. With our Net Price Calculator, you can calculate an estimated cost of attendance including tuition, required fees, books, school supplies, room and board, and other related school expenses. You can also subtract any grant and scholarship aid you already have from the total.

Our beautiful Southeastern Institute campus in Charlotte has helped many students start their journey toward promising careers, but not without a price. The cost of tuition and the additional expenses to attend this campus as well as the difference financial aid can make can be estimated using our Charlotte Net Price Calculator.

Columbia Campus
The Southeastern Institute Columbia campus offers a variety of programs for students. Whether you are seriously considering a program here or just looking to explore your options, the cost can be a big factor. Use our Net Price Calculator for Columbia to get an estimated cost of attendance for everything from tuition and room and board to books and school supplies. You can also subtract any grant money or scholarship that you receive from this total.

For information on graduation rates, student debt levels, and other disclosures, visit this page.