Student Refunds

Student Credit Balance Refunds

Your Refund Options

During your enrollment at Southeastern Institute, you may at some time become eligible for a Financial Aid refund or other type of credit balance refund. Southeastern Institute has partnered with Heartland ECSI to provide access to their RefundSelect™ program, which provides several options for you to choose from as to how you would like to have any eligible student account credit balance or refund disbursed to you.

Choose Your Refund Method

1. Within 48 hours of registering for school, a Welcome Email from Heartland ECSI will be sent to your:

  • Southeastern Institute student e-mail account, and
  • Your personal email account, if one is provided to Southeastern Institute

2. Click on the Get Started Here link in the email and enter your Heartland Key.

3. You will complete a basic registration and choose how you want to receive your money.

4. If you have an address or telephone number change, it must be made through your campus by contacting a school representative directly*.

*Heartland will not accept changes by phone or email. Please allow 24 hours for the new information to update.

Choose the Refund Method That’s Best for You

Choose the Refund Method That’s Best for You

If you have not registered and made a selection at the time the funds have been released, the refund method will default to paper check. You can always change the selection to another method at any time once you have registered.

Visit Heartland ECSI’s website for more information at or phone toll free at 1-844-760-6052.