Electronic Medical Billing and Coding Specialist


Individuals trained in utilizing electronic healthcare records have the opportunity improve the quality and convenience of patient care, increase patient participation in their own care, improve the accuracy of coding, diagnoses, and insurance processing, and increase the efficiency and cost savings of the medical practice. This program is intended to train those who wish to gain employment in medical billing and health information management utilizing electronic health systems. Employment opportunities may be in either the public or private sector, including positions in the offices of private physicians, hospitals, and medical centers. Students will develop a thorough knowledge of medical terminology, health records management, insurance procedures and billing software, medical coding, as well as skills in business communications and office administration that are vital for success in this growing field. Graduates will have the opportunity to participate as an important member of the healthcare team. A Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of this program. Outside work is required.

Students who have successfully met all educational and institutional requirements for a Certificate in Electronic Medical Billing and Coding Specialist from Southeastern Institute are eligible to have their names submitted to the National Healthcareer Association to be considered as a candidate for the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) examination.


The Electronic Medical Billing and Coding Specialist program is designed to train the student for an entry level position as a medical billing specialist, medical coding specialist, and for a variety of positions in the health information field and to function effectively as an integral member of the physician’s health care team. Graduates of the program will possess the skills to successfully per form medical office procedures, medical keyboarding, health care records management, process medical insurance, follow healthcare laws and ethics, and basic coding procedures.


  • Have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
  • Pass the entrance exam
  • Background Check and Drug Screening where applicable
  • Please see Program Handbook and Externship Manual for additional policies for this program.

Course Outline

To receive a Certificate as an Electronic Medical Billing and Coding Specialist, students must complete 31.5 credit hours (991 clock hours). This Certificate program can be completed in 8 months for full-time students and 15 months for part-time students. Evening students will be required to complete the Externship portion of the program during the day.

Orientation to Healthcare Systems 4.0 118 3.15
Electronic Coding for Systems: Integumentary, skeletal, muscular,
auditory and ophthalmic
4.0 119 3.17
Electronic Coding for Systems: Reproductive, urinary, and nervous 4.0 119 3.17
Electronic Coding for Systems: Cardiovascular, blood, and lymphatic 4.0 119 3.17
Electronic Coding for Systems: Endocrine, digestive, and respiratory 4.0 119 3.17
Medical Terminology 4.0 119 3.17
Electronic Healthcare Billing 4.0 118 3.15
Externship 3.5 160 4.27

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